Vice City Ultimate Trainer v2 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Trainer Free Download


What's New in v2

  • Added Inf Run
  • Added check to ensure the compatible version of the exe is being used
  • Added Garage editor with load/save options
  • Added 'hidden' command line option to autostart GTA VC run 'GTA Vice ultimate Trainer.exe hidden'
  • Fixed bug with a decimal separator on some machines being used as now will always be
  • Fixed bug that made built in-game cheats echo outside the game
  • Fixed money cheat, give 10k every time it's pressed now

How To Use

Start the trainer by running 'Vice ultimate "trainer.exe" if you get any error messages here it is either because it is not in your GTA vice folder or you have an incorrect version of the game.

once the trainer has started click on the settings button, a dialog will open that allows you to configure all the cheats in the trainer,you can disable/enable a cheat by ticking the box next to it (ticked means enabled) and you can also redefine the hotkey by double clicking on it (the blue text) and then selecting a new hotkey from the bottom of the dialog and clicking ok. once you have all the cheats as you want them you can copy the list to the clipboard by pressing copy and then paste them into a text editor like notepad to print them out.

Now that your cheats are ready, Click OK to get back to the main menu. You can now click Start Vice to start the Game and Use The Hotkeys as you like.

Feature List:
  • Works for all Window titles
  • GTA: LC car list
  • GTA: LC weapon list
  • Myriad Islands car list
  • Myriad Islands weapon list
  • GTA: LC garage editor
  • Police guns can be changed
  • Police helicopter chasing state can be modified
  • Car tire status can be changed
  • Time can be changed
  • Hotkeys
  • Ability to lock ammo
  • System Tray Icon
  • Run in background option
  • Cheats with 55 already + add your own
  • Teleporter with 20 locations + add your own
  • Garage editor
  • Immunities/ Door lock editor for Current and saved car (saved with a button in the trainer)
  • New HUD position option
  • Weapon ammo, health, armor, wanted level and money can be edited
  • Auto-detects if the trainer is in the Vice City or GTA: LC directory

  • The trainer WILL NOT WORK while the settings dialog box is open
  • you hotkey/cheat settings are saved in the keys.dat file.
  • this trainer has been tested on win2k/XP using GTA vice v1.0
  • currently, the garage editor is missing, maybe next release
Copyright (c):- Vice City Ultimate Trainer v2 All right reserve.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: GTAModMafia
Size: 1.75MB 
File Name: Ultimate Trainer v2 
Virus status: scanned by Avast security

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