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Fingerprint scanner on the screen: what is it and how does it work?

All modern smartphones are equipped with security systems that prevent the theft of user information.

The most convenient way is a fingerprint sensor. To unlock the operating system and start using the phone, just a touch. Typically, a fingerprint is processed in less than a second, but flagship models tend to 0.1-0.2 seconds.

The first fingerprint sensors were located on the back or front of the mobile device. Both solutions were quite convenient, but prevented the creation of compact design of the case - the developers carefully considered where to place the sensor. Soon, manufacturers developed a fundamentally new technology - a fingerprint scanner on the screen. Now the sensor is located under the glass panel and is invisible to the owner of the smartphone.

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How does the fingerprint scanner on the screen work?

Before using the scanner, you must save a fingerprint in the device's memory. To do this, open the settings, put your finger on the screen and wait for the smartphone to process the information. Subsequently, to unlock the system, a single touch on the sensor will suffice.

How does recognition work? The smartphone registers a touch on the screen, processes the fingerprint and compares it with the sample stored in the internal memory. Thanks to the use of unique software algorithms, the recognition accuracy is very high. After a split second, the phone unlocks, and the owner can successfully log in.

Types of fingerprint scanners

The most straightforward fingerprint scanner technology is optical. A photosensitive element registers a papillary pattern for subsequent comparison. The method has a low cost, but manufacturers have difficulty installing such an electronic component of the display. An additional disadvantage is a low resistance to hacking - an attacker can fake a fingerprint and unlock the phone.

A more modern variety is ultrasound scanning. After activating the function, an ultrasonic emitter starts to send directional waves. They are reflected from the papillary pattern and are read by the receiver. The method allows you to create a three-dimensional map of the user's finger and reliably protect confidential information. Experts say that such a module is almost impossible to crack. It is installed practically in all modern smartphones equipped with a fingerprint module under the screen.

Screen Scanner Disadvantages

Despite the ease of use and a high level of information security, on-screen fingerprint scanners have several drawbacks. Firstly, after scratches appear on display, the module starts to work unstably. Secondly, when sticking a protective film, the recognition speed may decrease, sometimes you may have to put your finger several times. Ideal conditions for using such a sensor include the absence of barriers between the thumb and the scanner, as well as a clean display surface without damage.

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