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How a digital camera works

A digital camera captures light and focuses it through a lens onto a sensor made of silicon. It consists of a grid of small photocells that are sensitive to light. Each photocell is called a pixel, short for "picture element." Millions of these individual pixels are in the sensor of a digital SLR camera

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A digital camera selects the light of our world, or outer space, spatially, tonally and in time. Spatial sampling means that the image in the camera is divided by a rectangular grid of pixels. Tone sampling means that ever-changing brightness tones in nature are broken down into discrete pitch steps. If there are enough samples, both in space and tonal, we perceive them as an exact representation of the original scene. Sampling time means that we do an exposure of a given duration.
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Our eyes also perceive the world based on several tenths of a second, when the amount of light is the same as in the daytime. In low light conditions, the exposure of the eye, or the integration time may increase up to several seconds. That is why we can see more detailed information with a telescope if we look at a weak object for a long time.

The eye is a relatively sensitive detector. He can detect one photon. Still, this information is not transmitted to the brain because it does not exceed the minimum threshold of the signal-to-noise ratio in the noise filtering scheme in the visual system. This threshold causes the arrival of several photons for fixing them by the mind. A digital camera is almost as sensitive since the eyes, and both are much more sensitive than film, which requires many photons to detect.

These are brief exposures with long exposures that genuinely make the magic of digital telephotography possible. The real power of a digital sensor arises from its ability to integrate or collect, photons for more extended periods than the eyes. This is why we can record data in slow shutter speeds that are invisible to the eye, even though a large telescope.

CCD and CMOD sensors work similarly to each other in the absorption of photons, generation of electrons and their storage, but differ in how the charge is transferred and where it is converted to a voltage. And both have a digital output.

Spatial sampling

The photosensitive element in the camera matrix corresponds one to one with the pixels in the digital image when it arrives at the output. Many people also call such elements in the camera matrix the general term "pixels". These elements are located in a rectangular array. In the Canon 20D, an array of 3504 x 2336 pixels, which is a total of 8.2 million pixels. That grid can be thought of as a chessboard, where each square is very small. The squares are too small that when viewed from a distance, they make the eye and brain think that the image is continuous. If you enlarge any digital picture to a sufficiently large size, you can see individual pixels. When this happens, we call the picture "fuzzy."

The colour image consists of three separate channels, one for red, green, and blue. Due to the way the eye and brain sense colour, all the colours of the rainbow can be created from these 3 primary colours.

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