NGSA 4.1 Final Graphics Mod For GTA San Andreas


Natural Graphics for San Andreas 4.1 Final (NGSA 4)
NGSA 4.1 Final Graphics Mod For GTA San Andreas


1. Requirements
2. Installation
3. Uninstallation
4. Optional
5. FAQ



- Please set the game brightness to maximum (or standard).
  Turn off frames limiter.

NGSA 4.1 Final Graphics Mod For GTA San Andreas

NGSA 4.1 Final Graphics Mod For GTA San Andreas


Select a setting:

* Lite -> A more lite version and less demanding on game resources.
* Main -> The main setting. Recommended for use.
* Ultra -> More demanding setting. More suitable for creating screenshots.

- Copy everything into the folder with the game
  and, if necessary, lend the replacement of files.



- Delete d3d9.dll, enblocal.ini, enbseries.ini and "enbseries" folder.
  In GTASA\data folder, delete timecyc.dat and use your backup of this file.



Q: I have a small FPS in the game!
A: Try experimenting with parameters in ENB by pressing Shift + Enter.

Q: My game crashes!
A: There are many reasons why a crash might happen.
   If a crash occurs immediately after starting the game, ENBSeries is the problem.
   (mainly for Windows 10 users).
   If the game crashes at boot time or something else is a problem in mods.
   Some reasons for crashes:
  - Incorrect driver settings
  - Lack of RAM / video memory
  - Poor RePack of game
  - Too many mods (probably the most common cause of crashes)

Q: I don't not like this ENB.
A: No one forces you to like it. It is your opinion.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Contact me on facebook:

Q: I don't have facebook!
A: Sorry, but I will not subscribe to any various resources to please everyone.


Thanks for downloading my ENBSeries setting. :)



  • ZIMMER - Author of this ENB config.
  • Boris Vorontsov - Author of the ENBSeries.
  • Maksim Dubinov (XMakarusX) - Its ENBSeries setting served as the basis for the creation. Thanks him for everything.
  • Matso - Original Cromatic Abberation code.
  • GP65CJ04 - Author of the orginal DOF code.
  • Marty McFly - Bloom shader.
  • MysTer92 - FXAA port.

Download Link: Click Here
Size: 2MB 
File Name: NGSA 4.1 Final
Virus status: scanned by Avast security.

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