GTA San Andreas Cheats Menu RZL Trainer v3.1.2



F2 = show/hide menu

numpad 5/ right Shift = Accept
numpad 0/ Backspace = Back

numpad 8/ arrow up = UP
numpad 2/ arrow down = Down

numpad 4/ arrow left = Left
numpad 6/ arrow right = Right

numpad 9/ page up = Up 15 line (if possible)
numpad 3/ page down = Down 15 line (if possible)


R1+dpad left = show menu

dpad right = Accept
dpad left = Back

dpad up = UP
dpad down = Down

L3 = Left
R3 = Right

Shorcut Keyboard

alt+1 = general option menu
alt+2 = vehicle option menu
alt+3 = wanted menu
alt+4 = actor spawning menu
alt+5 = vehicle spawning menu
alt+6 = mission option menu
alt+7 = teleporting menu
alt+8 = time menu
alt+9 = weapons menu
alt+0 = weathers menu
atl+Q = air break
Delete = Teleport to marker
J = teleport to nearest vehicle as passenger
k = teleport to nearest vehicle as passenger
' = Go through door
] = instant speed up
[ = instant stop


How to install
I think you understand about this, if you noob read below:
- Put the All files to main root folder, or put RZL-Trainer.cs & RZL-Trainer.ini from cleo folder to your GTA cleo folder


- Thanks to Allah
- Thanks to Rockstar Games
- Thanks to Seemann (Sanny Builder 3)

Download Link: Click Here
Password: GTAModMafia.CoM
Size: 1MB 
File Name: RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 Press By (GTAModMafiaCoM)

  • Virus status: scanned by Avast security

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