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What color bedroom sleeps better?
A few comments on the connection between good sleep and the environment: from the color of walls to smells.

In order not to discuss the well-known rules for arranging a bedroom for the hundredth time, I propose to look at the interior problem from the point of view of psychology.

There are people who, as they say, "where they fell, they fell asleep there." Other, more sensitive, it is required to create certain conditions (what I conditionally call "sleep hygiene" ). Otherwise, these people do not get enough sleep, suffer from insomnia, get up not rested, thereby accumulating a bunch of problems with their health.

The rules of sleep hygiene work by analogy with the usual rules of personal hygiene: to avoid infection, you need to wash your hands before eating. The same thing with sleep: to avoid problems, you need to find and get rid of what causes insomnia. We’ll talk about this.

Alarm clock

Let's start with the color, or color schemes for the bedroom. It is clear that the color scheme of the bedroom affects a person only shortly before falling asleep and at the time of awakening. When we are already sleeping, by and large it doesn’t matter what color the walls are painted. However, this can be crucial before and after sleep.

The walls of the bedroom (see photo) are decorated with wallpapers with active ornaments, furniture and decor in scarlet colors. Most likely, the owners of this room are just the type of lucky ones who can sleep in any conditions. Or experiencing problems with waking up (it is obvious that the interior of their bedroom invigorates much better than an alarm clock).

What colors do they cherish?

The best shade for a bedroom can be described with the word “calm” - when decorating a relaxation room, it is better to avoid bright and exciting colors. These include red, orange, saturated purple.

Neutral and pastel shades soothe and tune to a sleepy mood. A great option would be shades of gray and blue. The processes of inhibition-excitation in the nervous system perfectly regulate colors such as yellow and green - ideal for the bedroom

Blackout Curtains - Healthy Sleep

Let’s move on to the objects: it’s good if for the bedroom you get dark opaque curtains, or black-out curtains. In terms of sleep hygiene, it is believed that flickering lights, lanterns shining through the window, reflections from passing cars and other light stimuli can adversely affect the duration and quality of sleep.

Backlit Gadgets and Alarm Clock - Down!
From the same point of view, you should avoid any flashing or producing electrical appliances and gadgets in the bedroom. Televisions, alarm clocks with constantly working backlights, some fashionable lighting solutions along the contour of the ceiling, and other similar things are best placed in the living room, in the kitchen, in a word, anywhere, but not in the bedroom.

The bedroom in the photo has active lights on the ceiling and many different appliances. Yes, and a window without curtains. We hope that broadband roads or bright lighting of crowded streets are not visible from this beautiful window.
How To Install

Purity and freshness
Look critically at what can disturb your sleep - on a mattress, pillows, blanket and bedding. An old mattress or a packed pillow, scuffs on a sheet, odors from where it comes from - it certainly does not directly affect the quality of sleep. But it can provoke the development of allergies. Therefore mercilessly get rid of old bedding.

Allergen free

If you or your client is not allergic, then, of course, you can use linen and other textiles from any materials and fabrics. But in some cases, it is recommended that natural cotton bedding, or even organic cotton.

Only sleep and sex

Speaking of sleep hygiene, I want to remind you of the function of the bedroom. Oddly enough, but many people forget that the bedroom is a place for only two activities: love and relaxation. In the bedroom you should not eat, work and have fun in any other way. The bedroom should ideally be associated only with the process of inhibition and subsequent sleep, or with pleasant bodily practices.
Temperature mode

Another aspect that must be considered when planning a bedroom is the temperature in the room. Someone likes it hotter, and someone prefers to sleep even in severe frosts with an open window. If you have your habits and a healthy sleep, continue to sleep at a temperature that is comfortable for you personally.
If you are having trouble sleeping, among other things, you should lower the temperature in the room and increase the oxygen content. Let's say open fire (fireplace) burns oxygen. And if there are double-glazed windows on the windows - after some time the bedroom will just have nothing to breathe.

Scented candles - to light or not?

And the last nuance. In the bedroom captured in the photo, small candles are very beautifully used. Very romantic! But please note that in the bedroom it is better to avoid any extraneous odors that scented candles, sachets or interior diffuses can generously fill the air with.

In conclusion, I would like to remind once again that you should pay attention to all of the above details only if you have any difficulties with falling asleep or with sleep. If you sleep beautifully, despite the red-orange walls and the noise of the highway outside the window - excellent: good dreams!

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