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Remedies for insomnia: from the Middle Ages to the present day

Sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep: thoughts spin in the head. Again and again repeats what did not work out during the day; how to do it or how to answer. Or just scary pictures that make the whole body colder. Or maybe there are no thoughts, but you just can’t just fall asleep, and get up early tomorrow

At all times, people have been looking for a cure for insomnia - and we will try.

TL; DR / You will read here:

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  • Crazy remedies for insomnia from the past: they don't work
  • Try to deal with anxiety (instructions included) or breathe
  • Take your brain in some way
  • Do not force yourself to sleep - this is a 100% failure

The worst thing you can do in this situation is to start forcing yourself to fall asleep. Or worry that you just can’t fall asleep. I guarantee that the dream will immediately disappear completely.

So what to do? First a moment of humor, and the real usefulness will be later
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GTA San Andreas New Cheat Menu With Car Modification

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How to deal with insomnia in the past
👉 In the Middle Ages, earwax ... dogs were actively used to combat insomnia. She had to be rubbed into the teeth. Myself, not a dog. How do you like it? Would it help?
👉 If you do not like this idea, try to find a mouse called "sleepyhead." She is found somewhere, eats fat and regularly hibernates. So, our ancestors reasoned, to fall asleep, you need to take this fat, and again, rub yourself. Just where? It doesn’t help in the teeth, it means in the heels.
👉 You can still kill the sheep, get its lungs, and while they are still warm, attach them to your ears. Fall asleep immediately, that's for sure. 
👉 It was easier and simpler: place the bed so that the headboard was facing north. Then the Earth’s natural magnetic field will magically cast a dream on you. 
👉 Who didn’t help (what a surprise!), Could still eat raw onions at night, fried lettuce or sea slugs. 

What really helps with insomnia

Sleeping on the handles is nice, but not very comfortable. Check sleep hygiene and your sleep behavior.
The very first thing is to check  your sleep hygiene and your sleep behavior . If something is wrong there, or if it is worth improving, then this is priority number one. 
Further, if insomnia continues, then you can try the recommendations from the following. If it does not help, consult a specialist. There is a psycho therapeutic approach to treat insomnia.  You may be anxious or experiencing any other strong emotions that prevent you from falling asleep. The psychotherapist will also help with this. 
✅ Treat the pictures that your brain shows as just pictures on the TV. You watch them from the side. The same thing with the thoughts you think. These are just words that sound in your head. They are not always so significant as to pay attention to them. To practice, read the Trap of happiness . 
✅ Load your brain with other work, something interesting, but meaningless. For example, if airplane flights are relevant to you, consider how you would furnish your own personal plane. From which airport would you fly. How would you dress? What would you eat on board?
✅ Get up, do not lie. Go to another room and do something. Go back to bed not when you think, "Well, it's time, in the end!" - this attempt is doomed to failure - and then when you feel that you really want to sleep. 
✅ State what exactly bothers you (if it bothers). If you see that this is a real problem right now, then:

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Obviously, right now, looking at night, sitting in your pajamas on the bed, you are unlikely to be able to do anything, decide anything, get information, and so on. Therefore, to steam further does not make sense. Write down your decision.

✅ If you understand that the problem is hypothetical - that is, from the “if only if yes” series - then promise the brain that you will think about it tomorrow at 11:00. Do not forget to return to this issue at the promised time, and make sure that there is most likely nothing to worry about.

✅ Try breathing techniques. For example, breathe and observe your breathing as if from an outside, like an outside observer who has just discovered this property in mammals - breathing. How funny, look, it breathes! The brain will immediately begin to chat, note that this has happened, and again return to observing breathing. Breathe like this for about five minutes.

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