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Why are panic attacks so scary?

A small note from observing comments on the site, and in other places too. Whenever something is written somewhere, or you say to someone, “A panic attack is safe,” you often hear in response, “This is nonsense, because the PA cannot be safe. PA can be a heart attack or you can go crazy. 100% that it will be so.What happens to fears in a person with panic? Let's get it right.

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What causes panic attacks

The very first PA can arise from a bunch of reasons: strong fear, stressful situation, another disease, in short, whatever. Maybe even just like that, from nothing.

But in the occurrence of the following panic attacks, a significant role is played by ... fear of their occurrence . It turns out a vicious circle: I'm afraid of PA -> it happens -> I'm even more afraid of PA -> it happens again, and faster than last time. And so on.In the psychotherapy of panic attacks, it is important to deal with this fear. Then we reduce the chance that the next panic attack will occur. Note for now: fear that PA will occur will provoke subsequent PAs. He is the fear of panic.

Why is a panic attack so scary?

Because most often people are convinced that because of a panic attack, a heart attack is inevitable (aka heart attack) or you will inevitably lose your mind. There is also an explanation that from PA you can suffocate to death. Less frightening may be the prospect of experiencing cramps due to PA somewhere on the street or in transport. And also a swoon.

Of course, this causes an incredibly strong fear. By any means people want to avoid such consequences. Therefore, they begin to fear panic attacks. In fact, they are afraid of the consequences: heart attack, cardiac arrest, strangulation, madness, convulsions, etc.

Vulnerability and susceptibility to disease

An important role in consolidating panic attacks is played by the so-called vulnerability , or self-image as a vulnerable, especially prone, susceptible to disease. Representation of yourself as a person with an increased likelihood of developing diseases.

That is, a person thinks of himself something like: 
“I have a rather weak heart” (although I really have no diagnoses and diseases) or
“I am very sensitive to everything” or
“I am susceptible to various diseases” , “I am easily ill”, “I am very nervous”
“I’m more likely to go crazy because I had schizophrenics in my family”
“My respiratory system is basically  not quite right.”
So, most often with panic disorder, people are afraid of a heart attack, madness, strangulation, fainting, and seizures.

This fear provokes the next panic attack. The circle is closed. A person is really convinced that PA is dangerous for him. While this is the case, his PA will continue. 

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Panic attacks and fainting

PAs alone do not cause heart attacks, they are not crazy about them, it is impossible to suffocate or faint from them. From the point of view of physiology, a panic attack is a special mode of the body . In this mode, do not go crazy (this happens in a completely different way).

The easiest way to understand this idea is through fainting. Fainting occurs with a sharp drop in blood pressure. In panic attacks, the pressure never drops, simply because it never drops there. It rises - yes, but to fall - no.

How about going crazy with panic?

Regarding insanity: purely theoretically, schizophrenia can begin at any time, including during any illness. This is not because one caused the other, but because it coincided. No luck - two different diseases at the same time.

Schizophrenia has many possible causes - genes, abnormalities during pregnancy, social factors, and much, much more - this issue is being actively studied. There are no panic attacks on this list. 
And so with all the other fears associated with PA: suffocating, cramps, etc. - all this also happens in a different way, not like in a panic.

When there is not enough information, in particular, on physiology, about how the body actually works in normal mode, in case of illness and panic, people begin to sincerely believe in something that cannot happen. 

And now I’m waiting for comments like “No, this is nonsense, because PAs are very dangerous, they can have a heart attack” or “My uncle had PAs for 10 years, and then he went crazy, so you can get away from PA of the mind . " 

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