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Anxiety and discomfort after relaxation and meditation

Some time ago, I decided to somehow try mindfulness . Now everyone is talking about it, writing, it is believed that it is very useful. Beck Institute recommends incorporating mindfulness exercises into all anxiety disorder treatment programs . I myself also recommend it to clients now. But this is now - and about six months ago, I decided to try it for myself.

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Mindfulness is often confused with meditation. This is not the same thing. Mindfulness is a state of awareness, observation of one’s internal processes, without struggle, resistance, or anything at all. Just realize what is happening and observe. To make it easier at first, sometimes a short-term concentration of attention on breathing is used. So I did. At first, for a while I focused on how I breathe ... How does it feel to breathe? What a curious process. Inhale-exhale, inhale-exhale ...

And here I was in for an unpleasant surprise. It is assumed that mindfulness and breathing exercises ultimately reduce emotional experiences, you calm down and be more relaxed about what is happening around you. This is not a goal, of course, but a pleasant side effect.
GTA San Real Car Bike Mod Pack With Directx 2.0

GTA San Real Car Bike Mod Pack With Directx 2.0

GTA San Real Car Bike Mod Pack With Directx 2.0

However, in my case, everything happened exactly the opposite! Instead of comfort and tranquility, I received an inexplicable surge of anxiety, a frantic pulse, an unpleasant snickering sensation in my stomach, and in general a desire to urgently jump and run somewhere, to do something urgently. Phew.

In general, I have never practiced any meditation, breathing practices, or anything like that on a regular basis. And here it is. What happened? Does it really not work ?!

What happened

Surprisingly, it is a fact: after relaxation, meditation and other similar practices, anxiety or anxiety may well arise - and this is normal!
What happened to me was most likely anxiety caused by meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, or relaxation-induced anxiety.
This is a rare but well-defined phenomenon: approximately 30% of those who try to relax using such techniques will experience increased anxiety, anxiety, fussiness, nervous excitement instead of the expected relaxation 1, 2 . Moreover, some do not even need to use some special relaxing techniques: it will be enough to go on vacation or just turn on soft music, the effect will be the same. Instead of the expected rest, it turns out exactly the opposite.

How To Install

What causes relaxation anxiety

Unequivocal reasons have not yet been found, different options or their combination are possible. It is believed that this phenomenon occurs more often in those who have (or have) asthma or generalized anxiety disorder 1 . In principle, the reasons can be divided into 3 groups: physical, mental and social.
Here are some of them:
  • Hyperactivity in relation to bodily symptoms and fear of certain symptoms that are usually triggered by relaxation (feeling of heaviness, weightlessness, warmth, tingling, dizziness, muscle contraction)
  • Fear of involuntary loss of control , unusual focus on yourself
  • Fear of arbitrarily removing control and muscle tension (because there are so many threats and saber-toothed tigers around, you need to be on the alert all the time)
  • Strengthening negative thoughts not related to relaxation. The appearance of previously suppressed emotions or memories .
  • A change in the wave activity of the brain - simply put, relaxation works fine, but the brain suddenly discovers that something unusual, abnormal is happening - therefore, it is dangerous! panic! anxiety!
  • Too fast a transition from excessive stimulation to excessive relaxation - the process should be gradual, especially for those who are used to rushing through life, like a squirrel in a wheel
  • Social Concerns : You'll look lazy or outwardly unattractive when relaxing
What are the consequences of anxiety caused by relaxation

No, it seems. At one time, it was believed that exposure to such anxiety would not allow the client to fully experience the effect of psychotherapy, which uses relaxation methods. But then it turned out that no, not fact 3 . All the same, psychotherapy helps, as it should.

In terms of effects on the body, this is not a dangerous condition, because sometimes we are very nervous just from life events. If this happens from time to time, and not constantly, then there is hardly any harm, because our body is tuned to such fluctuations and surges.
How to get rid of such anxiety
There is no need to get rid of it, it will pass in a few minutes. There is nothing wrong with the anxiety caused by relaxation, and no urgent corrections to your condition are required. Attempts to resist emotions, fight them, suppress and ignore lead to a deterioration in well-being, and not to improvement.
As for exercise, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation, if you want to continue (but actually this is really useful), then try:
slightly modify the exercise, for example, instead of 20 minutes, do it for a start only 5 minutes, gradually increasing the time;
Use another exercise instead of the alarm
talk about your experiences with someone who understands what they are talking about and supports you;
treat this phenomenon as temporary difficulties with adaptation, because in the long run, all these exercises can help you improve your life.

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