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Three psychological tricks to help you lose weight 

When we want to lose weight, first of all, we change our diet: we think how to reduce the amount of fat or whether Stevia will help to lose weight. It seems that changes in nutrition will be enough to lose weight. But no - you still need to change your attitude to the process, change your lifestyle. How to do this using cognitive-behavioral methods?

GTA San Vice 2020 With V Graphics Full Game Setup

Diet and nothing else = failure

It is not enough to take and go on a diet , and hope that you get off easily and quickly. Ask those who have gone through several circles of different diets in the last 5-10 years, what are their results? Most will tell you that the weight is back. Moreover, there is a decent probability that it will even increase compared to what it was before the "landing" on the diet.

Why is this happening? It's simple: the body cannot exist for a long time on a green liquid without fats. Craving for fatty, all harmful and sweet will torment very long and hard. As soon as your control is weakened - and this will definitely happen, just give time - you will fall off right there.

Those few who manage to maintain weight at the end of the diet, with more careful interrogation, admit that in addition to the diet, they changed their lifestyle , increased physical activity or improved the diet as a whole, nevertheless moving away from the green liquid to something more high-calorie. It is very good if they manage not to resort to such not quite healthy methods as bulimia and other eating disorders .

Therefore, diet alone, without a change in lifestyle, is an undertaking doomed to failure from the very beginning. If it would be easy, then all would have long gone slender, but it is not.

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy focuses on what you think about yourself, how you act, what are the circumstances for your actions. It helps to set goals and achieve them. Including it helps to change the lifestyle for those who want to lose weight. So in what way?

Do not set goals, define your values ​​in return

What is the difference: goals are always very annoying. Life is much easier and more fun when there are no goals, is it not? Especially related to some problems, limitations, torment ... Therefore, you will have to overcome the resistance of yourself if you set goals. In addition, the goals are final , and then what?

I suggest replacing goals with life values . They allow you, on the one hand, to control what you want to control, and on the other, to feel calmer. You can stick to life values ​​for a long time.
Examples of working life values (meanings, meanings, importance):

Keeping A Diary

A diary is needed in order to detect a problem and solve it. For example, why at some point the motivation disappears, what prevents to continue? Or why it is not possible to resist an extra serving of sweets, what are the circumstances? In this way, quite real barriers and obstacles are discovered, for example, problems in the family or the desire to communicate with friends from the heart - and not a single diet in the world explains what to do with it.

Instead, slimming girls tend to scold themselves for goals that have not been achieved. Negative self-incrimination does not help increase motivation. It only helps to spit on all these diets and on herself, hopelessly, at the same time. Great mood provided!

How To Install

Treat yourself as a scientist who records the results of laboratory experiments. There is only you and your experience. Did it turn out and the mouse stopped eating sugar instead of oatmeal? Great, let's write the circumstances. It didn’t work, and she still only eats sugar? Let's find out what leads to this, and try to figure it out. Maybe she had breakfast with a protein omelette, skipped lunch and did mental work all day, because of which she had a terrible craving for sweets and energy bars at noon?
It is very good if there is an outsider who is able to look at your diary from the side. It is even better if this person either received a good education in dietetics, or at least does not suffer from zapozhnichestvo.

Strengthening self-confidence

If you take up some business with the conviction that nothing will work out for you - nothing will work out for you. To strengthen faith in your success, you need ... little success . That's why I say, do not set big goals. It will be difficult and long to reach, and halfway through you may lose faith in yourself.

On the contrary, set small goals (“lose 1 kg per month”). When you see that you did this, and your torment was not so terrible, your faith will grow stronger and strength will be added to the next step.

It is important if there is someone in your environment who supports and praises you. Even if you have not achieved anything :)

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