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Words For Support In A Difficult Moment

So, you just finished a difficult project. Survived severe stress or emotional shock. Or did something that they feared, despite fears. Or you have something serious, unpleasant. Or you are stuck in the middle and cannot advance any further. Left home after an illness. We washed the pan from old dirt. Brushed my teeth with depression , in the end.

Resident Evil The GTA San Andreas

At this very moment, you really, really need to praise and support yourself , no matter how strong, lasting or significant the stressor or affair was. Many of us - if not all - need support in everyday life. And just brushing your teeth is also a great achievement.

So, and how do we support ourselves? What are we telling ourselves? What words and phrases do we use to praise ourselves, to empathize with ourselves, to help ourselves survive this business?

Do you know what is strange? When you start to google this topic, that in Russian, that in English, you find a million pages with motivational quotes from books and great people. Well, sweetheart. But that is not it. I can’t imagine that someone is starting to read a paragraph from Leo Tolstoy by heart, for example. This is strange number one.

Strange number two: many articles on how to support someone else . Less than motivational quotes from writers, of course. But this is not the same. Myself needs something native, capacious, short, not strained.

Once, somewhere, I came across a study, now I don’t remember what exactly,it was associated with exposure and learning when overcoming phobias and fears . You have to take my word for it.

The idea was that if immediately after the exposure exercise, when a person is faced with a terrible situation for him and overcomes it, he himself said yourself words of encouragement such as , "You are cool! You did it! ” , Then its results in the long run were more rosy than those who did not support themselves in any way.

I draw your attention to the fact that this is positive reinforcement , and not negative . That is, if a person told himself something like “Here you are an idiot that you were afraid of such nonsense before!” This is not good.

In short, the time has come to make up for the missing in this world. 😎 With the help of subscribers, we have compiled a list of motivational manifestos, or words of support for our beloved. Use as often as possible, because it will certainly affect your life. At first it may seem that it sounds somehow clumsy, but this is not because it does not work, but because you are not used to it. Enjoy.


Good words to support yourself

You have survived 100% of your worst days in the past. You can.
Remembering a specific case) You could then, and now you can!
I love you baby, I'm with you, everything will work out.
Who is well done? I'm fine fellow!
I will be proud of myself.
It happened once - it will work now!
You should not do this, but if you want, do it!
Keep up the good work!
Well done!
If there is at least one person who has already done this, there is no reason to think that you cannot do this if you go to the same goal.
Proud of myself!
Do not give up!
Fight on!
Not yet
From me personally: “What do we say to the God of Death? Not today!
Do not despair, for nothing! Got it?
It makes no sense to blame yourself, mistakes are not always ours
Just try it, and there you look.
You decide.
I am with you 100%.
Go ahead.
What are we waiting for? Go.

And also, remember the study of the pose of power ? If you use the plural ( “We will do it with you” , for example, or “We can handle it” ), then there is a small chance that this will give additional support

Not very good words

As I wrote above, I can not agree with phrases that use negative reinforcement: self-criticism, self-flagellation and hanging negative labels . Well, if only this is in some extremely ironic context, understandable only to you personally, that this is actually not a negative, but a positive that will make you laugh and support you.
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Examples of not very successful phrases from this position

Stay calm and carry on!
You are pathetic (pathetic) do something
Well, at least this is something you can do, wimp (-point)
I didn’t screw it up, and thanks for that
Of course, it could not do without jambs, but it will do
Stop shaking with fear!

Separately, I want to note from the submission of one subscriber - for which many thanks - about the principle of non-denial . If I understood correctly what you wrote about 😁 In any case, I support with both hands. These are not specific words, but a general principle of attitude to one’s life experience: not to deny what is happening. If hurt, so hurt, and say to ourselves at this point , "There is nothing to be offended!" . If tears flow, then we do not say “There is no reason for tears!” . If you really hard, do not try to "maintain itself," an understatement or denial of difficulties: "Yes, this is nonsense, that you're here limp (-la)!" So, no nonsense, and therefore, there is a reason.
That's all for now, until we meet again.

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