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New Year and diet: 5 tips before the holidays

Long-term New Year holidays are approaching. And if for some people this prospect means joy, fun and a carefree time, for others, the onset of such vacations means primarily the risk of flying off the usual diet 1 . Longing and hopelessness :)
I offer 5 tips on this.

1. Proper expectations about yourself

It is unlikely that you can easily and naturally resist the temptations that arise:
  • alcohol
  • relatives and friends
  • boredom

violation of the usual way of life - choose the appropriate circumstances. Something like this: This is not a disaster, if for some time, under the influence of circumstances, I deviate from my planned path - my diet. This does not mean complete failure. This does not mean that now I will never reach my goal in X kg. This is a temporary phenomenon, which I will control as far as possible. It will only move me away from my goal for about ten days.

2. Slow pace of food

Eat slowly, even slower than you currently imagine. Moreover, every few minutes put the appliances on the table and take a sip of water. How it works? You cannot eat more than you need. Remember that a feeling of fullness comes in 20 minutes? You need to stretch your time and wait. If you always eat fast - keep in mind that this habit increases your weight. Practice in advance.

How To Install

3. Trap: "This is the mother prepared!"

Or not mom, but a friend tried. Or her new friend - a super pastry chef from That same Confectionery! If you don’t try - you can offend them - or even reject their love! But we all know that each such “girlfriend’s pride” or “mother’s love” will turn into an extra 400 calories for you. What is more important for you?

Type "THOR" to turn into Thor and back.


TAB   : thunder zap
Space : fly using Mjolnir
Shift + C : thump Mjolnir on ground
LMB   : attack
RMB   : spin Mjolnir
LMB + RMB : throw Mjlonir

Hold "RMB" to set cam on Mjolnir.
Hold "LMB" and use arrow keys or mouse to control Mjolnir.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: GTAModMafia.CoM
Size: 2MB 
File Name: Thor Mod For GTA Vice City

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