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I'm not even going to get into the actual story I'm going to talk about because I want you to read it that badly without having anything spoiled. It is most definitely a story that is worth the time to read. I mean seriously it's a great story with great art. I mean look at the picture above, the core art isn't like that, but tons of time and effort were put into this story and that's what makes it good. This is probably one of my favorite story lines I have ever read. Anyways, lets get to the content.

Magneto goes back a long time in terms of X-Men and Marvel history. There was a time that X-Men was Marvel's best selling series. In fact, it did so well that the X-Men had numerous spin-off titles. The whole X-Men craze began with giant size X-Men #1, which was published in 1975 I think, and was written by Chris Clarendon. Now Clarendon played a huge role in making the X-Men a popular series, and wrote the series so well that he wrote the longest comic run ever for a total of 17 years. Clarendon was not the guy that created Magneto (but he did create a lot of the X-Men roster that people are familiar with), but he did help give us more detail into his character. But even this wasn't much. At the time, all we knew was that Magneto was a Holocaust survivor. At some points in comic history we didn't even know his real name. Names that were thrown around were Erik Magnus, Erik Lehnsherr, Magnus Lehnsherr, and Max Reinhardt, but the 2008 story "Magneto: Testament," which was written by Greg Pak, finally solidified Magneto's real name. Max Reinhardt.

"Magneto: Testament" follows Magneto before he actually developed his powers and was living with his Jewish-German Family during the start of World War II. It shows everything that Magneto and his family went through, and is based mostly in real history. The story follows Max as he tries to survive through the Nazi Regime while keeping his family and his future wife, Magda, alive. Writer Greg Pak wanted to make the story as realistic and as factual as he possibly could.

The story itself is a sad, but so incredibly beautiful a story. The writing was really well crafted, and had scenes that evoke your deepest rawest emotions. Actually, that's Greg Pak's specialty. If Greg Pak wants to make a sad scene, he'll make a scene that will move you to tears. Greg Pak is really good at evoking people's emotions when it come to his writing. And it's not just this story. When it comes to this story, I don't even recommend you go onto a website and read it, I'd say buy it, then read it. Then think about what you read, process your feelings, keep a box of tissues with you for the tears, then read the story again. Out of all of Pak's writing that I read, this story line is by far the best one that I've read.
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However, I will say that there are many disturbing scenes in this story. Remember that this story takes place in Nazi Germany, and some of it takes place in Auschwitz as well. So there may be scenes that you may not be comfortable with. So please do bear that in mind and don't read the story if you know it will bother you. If you're not sure, then read the story, but please do make sure that if things start to feel like they are a little too much then stop reading.

Since I've been doing quite a bit of X-Men stuff recently, I've decided that I'm going to do a post about Chris Claremont and his influence on the comic industry as well as the 17 year X-Men Story line he essentially built. Seriously, the guy would foreshadow future stories in his older comics that would not be seen again for literally years after he first foreshadowed it. This run was very intricately planned by the guy. And then I might do a post on Frank Miller because he impacted the comic industry big time as well with his run on Daredevil and then the work he did with DC. And quite possibly a look into Alan Moore and who that guy is.

Type "MAGNET" to turn into MAGNETO and back.


LMB : repel
RMB : attract
TAB : move focus point
TAB + LMB : set focus point
TAB + C : disable focus point
TAB + V : enable/disable force field
C : change field mode

When the field is enabled use "C" to change mode.
Default is repelling field which works in short range.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: GTAModMafia.CoM
Size: 1MB 
File Name: Magneto Mod For GTA Vice City (GTAModMafiaCoM)

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