GTA San Andreas Prototype Mod Download For Pc


Prototype is an open world action adventure computer game developed by Radical Entertainment. the sport is about in Network city as a plaque infects peoples and therefore the military attempts to place it down. the sport is centered round the main character Alex Mercer who features enemy absorbing and shape shifting abilities. Moreover, Alex may be a strong shape shifter who must have the fight to prevent an out break of sunshine . Alex can retain memories, biomass and physical sort of enemies consumed. Alex also can shift his body into weapons for the aim of attack or defense. All such things gives Alex a multiple ways to finish his objectives. Now Try The Others Act proton and Adventurous games for free of charge . Prototype Free Download.

GTA San Andreas Prototype Mod Download For Pc

Surprisingly Alex can perform running up the edges of skyscrapers, jump through many meters, he can even glide through the air and may also rush at a particularly high speed. Alex can use differing types of weapons, control military vehicles, perform various sorts of melee attacks, and may also perform gymnastic moves like air combos, sliding along the bottom and a high speed rolling cannon ball attack. Alex also can retain his health using the biomass through over time. He also can re generate to a limited degree out of combat. Prototype Free Download.

GTA San Andreas Prototype Mod Download For Pc

GTA San Andreas Prototype Mod Download For Pc

GTA San Andreas Prototype Mod Download For Pc

Expanded Storyline:

Alex primary super ability is his ability to shape shift transforming a part of his body. Also the Offensive powers features large and powerful blade, fast razor shape claws and therefore the telescopic whip-fist that arguments his strength. Now Try latest the decision of Duty Games for free of charge . the sport was a billboard success. The players have praised the sport for its original and interesting game play. Many reviewers have compared it with another open world action adventure game named Infamous that was received one month before prototype. Now Try The Fighting PC Games for free of charge . Infamous features an excellent powered character with developing powers in an urban world. Prototype Free Download.

How To install


  • Skin Chang (Tab+Q)
  • including wall run mod [jump + W]
  • claw attack [W + click] - [jump + click] - [bar esp + left mouse button]
  • super fist [select hand in inventory and hit or kick]
  • High jump  [3 jumps-short, medium-and high] [button with which they jump]
  • become anyone  [press X behind a personPED]
  • decapitate on a motorcycle  [go by motorcycle + click]

Download Link: Click Here
Password: GTAModMafia.CoM
Size: 12MB 
File Name: Prototype Mod (GTAModMafiaCoM)

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