GTA Vice City: The Final Remastered Edition 3.5 Free Download


In all their knowledge, Rockstar decided that nuking the original versions of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas and removing their most popular mods in order that they could make bad remasters be a wise idea. It's not surprising that fans haven't reacted to this move with a smile, since the latest GTAremasters are in fact worse than the first ones in a lot of ways. We recently played GTA: Vice City - The Ultimate Edition across various locations to compare it to the original version to find out how awful things we've compiled a list of what we found.

GTA Vice City: The Final Remastered Edition 3.5 Free Download


We'll get some obvious things out first. The horrible rain effects that are present in GTAremasters 2 and GTAremasters are extensively criticized by one and everyone, and there are compelling reasons to do so. For Vice City(and the other two games) rain is blinding, with barrages of transparent droplets that totally ruin the visibility. In particular, when it's dark during games, driving while it's pouring down is almost impossible.


Water effects in Vice Cityremaster are as well disappointing. The water is, naturally, substantially better than in the original version when it was released in 2002, but take a boat ride across it, and you'll notice beautiful water effects that are tame. The original game had water reacting with boats and causing realistic splashes and frothing however, while the remakes have the same frosty effect, it's less prominent and the splashing effect is totally absent.

GTA Vice City: The Final Remastered Edition 3.5 Free Download

GTA Vice City: The Final Remastered Edition 3.5 Free Download

GTA Vice City: The Final Remastered Edition 3.5 Free Download

GTA Vice City: The Final Remastered Edition 3.5 Free Download

GTA Vice City: The Final Remastered Edition 3.5 Free Download

GTA Vice City: The Final Remastered Edition 3.5 Free Download


The area has seen a few but significant improvements. A car being thrown into an object like a wall and even into a forest in the original version resulted in the vehicle suddenly coming to a halt. However, in the remaster the car's physical reaction to the collision is in a more realistic manner.


This is an area in which the remasters have made improvements. The shooting of guns at the water in the first Vice City was disappointingly ineffective, as the water didn't react to the bullets in any way. In the remaster, you can get realistic ripples and splashes.


The Vice Cityremaster takes an unintentional step away in comparison to its predecessor. First of all, like when the first version was released, the sole piece of glass in a car that cracks after being hit is the windshield. The windows aren't affected by the gunfire in any way. However, the way that the windshield cracks isn't as satisfying. In the original game, windshields were breaking apart and sending shards of glass flying everywhere however in the remaster glass, it disappears.


The same problem is present with shooting the other glass windows found in the game. It's not only limited to car windshields. Glass shatters extremely accurately in the first game, and you'd actually see broken pieces of glass however in the remaster after breaking, the glass panes disappear to nothing as if they weren't there at all.


The first Vice City was ahead of its time in many ways, particularly on a technical level. For example, if you went through bloody pools it would leave bloody footprints that were left on the surface. Thankfully, the remaster has made improvements to this area. Not only will your footprints are left on the floor for longer, but they're also more precise than they were when the game first came out.


The footprints of some have been updated in the remaster, however. Some of them are actually quite worse than. For example, walking on sand in The initial Vice City left behind evident footprints exactly as one would imagine. In the remaster, the sandy surface doesn't react in any way. It's possible to walk in it all day long and leave nothing behind. It's awe-inspiring to find the original, which is nearly two decades old, actually superior to the remaster on the smallest of details.


The Vice Cityremaster makes improvements over the previous. Throw a Molotov onto the floor in the second and the flame will soon die out and leave behind nothing. If you remaster the game, however, the flame may stay a little longer and, when it is gone, it will leave burned marks across the surface.


There are a few tiny details that are present in some tiny details in the Vice Cityremaster that are less than the original, while certain are better than others, the majority remain essentially identical. Consider the fire hydrants for example. Take a car and drive it through a hydrant in order to break it as it was originally in the first place, and the stream of water that is leaking from the ground will flow through your vehicle as if it weren't there. A similar thing occurs when you play the Definitive Edition, too.


Also, this Vice Cityremaster is significantly more precise as opposed to its predecessor. In addition, grenade explosions are more clear to see and more realistic, but they also cause visible evidence of destruction. In the original, it would be difficult to discern at any object that a grenade just exploded However, in the remaster, it's possible to see the visible damage caused by the blast both before and following the blast.


The Vice Cityremaster makes technological and aesthetic improvements here. The grass in the original game was nothing more than an asset with a low poly count placed on surfaces. In the remake, the grass is a real fully 3D asset that is even responsive to the presence of your feet. Walking through a grassy field it is possible to see the grass stalks physically reacting to your movements as you walk across them.


The act of torturing NPCs without reason or rhyme is a well-known custom of GTA games It's also a tradition that has been re-introduced it's far more enjoyable with this Vice Cityremaster in the one particular department. In the original version, NPCs would not react to shooting a gun at them in any way. However, in the remaster they'll instantly recoil and go away in the opposite direction, screaming.


In the same way, the remaster is more responsive to holding a gun towards police than the original. In the second case, the police don't mind if you hold the gun to them (similar to similar NPC). However, in the remaster when you hold a gun towards an officer the Wanted level will rise and the officer is likely to shoot at you.


Certain details of car models have been enhanced In the Vice Cityremastersuch as the plate numbers, for example. In the original game, license plates were blurry and it was difficult to discern any information on the plates. The remaster includes a variety of new license plates on the automobiles, and all of them are significantly clearer as well.

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