GTA San Andreas The Final HD Edition


GTA San Andreas The Final HD Edition

Rockstar has revealed our first glimpse of their GTA Trilogy Remaster. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Ultimate Edition provides us with the best renditions of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas and they look more impressive than we thought they could.

GTA San Andreas The Final HD Edition

After months of speculation, The studio made an announcement earlier in the month that it was working on a remastered collection of the cult GTA games that would be coming out later in the year. The details of the release date were not clear. In addition, since there were no game images to look at and fans were skeptical of the size of a remaster was likely to be. In the end, it appears that Rockstar has been doing some serious effort into making the game look more "2021".

The day is today, Rockstar has released several images from the Remastered version of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. What is immediately evident is the new lighting system that has been implemented in every game. Shadows and lighting are more realistic, with reflections appearing in damp scenes. The game has been built from the ground from scratch for the new games. High-resolution textures are applied everywhere, including characters, weapons, as well as vehicles. Also, improvements have been added to the weather and water effects, and draw distance has increased dramatically.

A trailer of the new games has shown how they look in comparison to their original counterparts. Watch it below!

GTA San Andreas The Final HD Edition

GTA San Andreas The Final HD Edition

GTA San Andreas The Final HD Edition

GTA San Andreas The Final HD Edition


The visual enhancements look particularly attractive when in motion. I really like the way Rockstar chose to stay to the minimalistic style of the first games despite using some modern-day makeup. This gives the games a distinctly sexy feel, while also making them look better.

In addition to the visuals, Rockstar has also detailed some of the other high-quality of life features coming with these Remasters. Each game is updated to utilize a UI and game style of control that is similar to GTA V. That will make the games more accessible to younger gamers. The controls and interface are also updated in different aspects of the game. Particularly, the drive-by controls found in San Andreas.

On the new generation consoles you can expect stunning HD 60fps graphics. PC gamers with an RTX compatible graphics card will also be able to enjoy the DLSS experience for a seamless and smooth gaming experience. With Nintendo Switch, players can select the use of the gyroscope for the shoot, if they're looking to explore.

We don't need to wait long to obtain this also. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Ultimate Edition is scheduled to be released within a matter of an entire month on November 11th digitally. If you prefer to own the book in physical form, then boxes of copies will be available on the 7th of December. Be prepared to pay the sum of money for the set, however. It's priced at an astounding PS54.99.


In a surprise twist, the remake version of GTA San Andreas is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. Additionally, an independent GTA III version of GTA III is coming to PlayStation Now on December 7th. It is not clear when or if Vice City is going to receive the same treatment.

Recently, it was reported the fact that Grand Theft Auto was close to surpassing its predecessor, the Pokemon game. Perhaps this GTA Trilogy remaster will help get that done!

What do you think of the new remastered GTA Trilogy? Let us know via Twitter.

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